The Current War Against Hair Loss

It is confirmed that many people suffering from hair loss are between the ages of 20-30 and a new breed of technology has been developed to offer services for those who are suffering from hair loss.

What is the


TJ Crown Hair Extension is a new concept of hair extension that involves wrapping each strand of new hair to the client’s hair individually to create any varying hairstyle.


We tie four, extremely light-weight hairs to one strand of the individual’s hair, at the very root near the scalp, to create fuller, voluminous hair.


This attachment is a newly developed phenomena that is lighter than any extension that has ever been used; it’s even lighter than one’s own hair!
TJ Hair Extension & Wig


Because of pollution, stress, and other various reasons, the population of people with hair loss is increasing. Especially for middle-aged men and women, doesn’t matter if they are middle age or older, there can be hair loss anywhere on the scalp. Specifically, the way women have hair loss is in all variety of ways including thinning and weakening of hair, so it may feel differently than that of the typical hair loss. Reduction of volume and the different ways that hair parts are typical symptoms.

People have stress because of hair loss and this can lead people to naturally lose their confidence. TJ Crown Hair Extension can naturally improve hair styling by abundantly meeting the needs of hair loss and help people gain confidence along the way.

With various hair loss solutions, there are many differences, depending on the company of the hair growth methods. For example, other companies use methods like using silicon, as adhesive, to attach fake strands of hair; however, this method has negative effects to the existing hair and may weaken hair that started off healthy due to the methods of attaching the hair. There are many side effects in the long term.

TJ Crown Hair Extension’s technology uses small amounts of hair to make brushing and fine-combing through hair possible and will be very comfortable through everyday life. We do not use any chemicals and there will not be any scalp damage because of the ultralight weight hair.

Get fuller, thicker hair instantly with our high-quality volume hair extensions. Are you ready for your transformation?

TJ Hair Extension & Wig

Service Rates

If any beauty salons (hair salon, skin care, eyelash extension shops, nail salons, etc.) want to include our TJ Crown Hair Extension, the follow are the rates for the services.

Prices for Procedures
VIP Club (All the extensions last one year)

TJ Crown Hair Extension offers two different types of hairs. There will be no tangling.

T-line: We use premium human hairs, so color dye, perm, and ironing are all possible. There are 6 different color choices.
J-line: Japanese Kanekaln Futura allows for high temperatures, so ironing and blow drying is both possible. There are 9 different color choices. Usually, in one or two months, touch-ups are required to maintain the extensions.

However, everybody’s hair growth rate is different, so the frequency of the touch-ups will differ. Whenever there is less volume or area of hair that becomes flat, visit for a touch-up. Maintaining hair care price is economical in the long-term, so please do not feel burdened and come for a visit!