Become TJ Hair Extension certified and a pro-elite member!

Even if it is your first time, we will take responsibility and make sure you are well trained in becoming a TJ Hair Extension

After your training with TJ Hair Extension, you will receive full supplies at a reasonable price, so you can feel free to start right away.

Especially in the case of thickening hair, it will take longer, but you will need more supplies, so it will cost more. The procedure may take up to two hours.

Also, as hair continues to grow, touch-ups are required, so it will be a guaranteed, continuous revenue!

TJ Hair Extensions are very comfortable and natural, so many clients will appreciate and be satisfied with the inexpensive cost and will keep coming back. If you are interested, please contact us right away!

Opening Purpose


  • Creation of new concept technology that has not been introduced until now.
  • Increase sales through TJ hair crown hair extension, a new item in cosmetics
  • Securing fixed customers through hair salons and creating new customers
  • Looking for start-up of beauty majors and non-majors
  • Education period:10 hours
  • Object: Related Workers,Entrepreneur
  • Place of Education: Tiffany beauty school

Level 1
  • How to Perform Touch-ups for Customer.
  • Competitiveness of TJ Products and Hair Extension Techniques
Level 2
  • Extension Hands-on Practice on Dolly Head
  • Different Extension Techniques on various types of Hair loss customers (M & O Receding Hairline, Center Line Baldness and Alopecia Areata)
  • Touch-up Techniques for Returning Customers
  • Hands-on Practice on Live Model (2 Students in One Group and Practice on Each Other)
  • Examination
  • Certificate Awards