I am TJ Hair Extension & Wig’s founders Bongjae Chung and Moonja Chung.

Working in the beauty industry for the past 30 years, many clients have suffered from stress because of hair loss regardless of age. Having seen this first hand, I created TJ Hair Extension & Wig to extend help to my clients. TJ Hair Extension & Wig offers clients with hair loss real results on the front and crown of the scalp where there is hair loss through a new technology that involves wrapping each new, light strand of hair to the client’s real hair to create the most natural and abundant styles.

This can relieve stress caused by the hair loss for many clients. We feel great pride through seeing many of our clients happy, confident and finding their self-esteem again. We are going to try our best to have TJ Hair Extension & Wig to spread across Americas and world-wide so that people suffering from hair loss can no longer be stressed over this concern. Thank you.